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Prolaborate 4.4.1 Features - Overview

    January 19, 2023

This article provides an overview of the upcoming Prolaborate 4.4.1 release. The new version supports some of the most requested features such as

  • The ability to download/export data from Prolaborate Reports and Charts as a .csv file
  • Enhanced roadmap chart with configurable visual cues based on metadata.
  • Ability to take backup and restore the Prolaborate data.
  • Improved the ability to monitor and manager services.

Exchange Model/Architecture Information via CSV

Teams who have defined multiple reports and charts at some point would like to export the report as a CSV or Excel file for various reasons which include

  • Exchanging information with internal teams or external teams who have restricted access to Prolaborate platform.
  • Take a snap of baselined information and post it for reference in other tools.

The ability to export model information as CSV allows list of artifacts with key metadata information to be easily shared to external stakeholders (vendors, clients, etc).

The reintroduction of the "Download Report as CSV" file option in Prolaborate 4.4.1 would allow users to share reports with a wider audience, increasing the collaboration and participation of all stakeholders in the architecture process.

In the latest version of Prolaborate users can download the data from the charts and reports as a .csv file and share it with non Prolaborate users.

To learn more about the feature "Exchange Model Information via CSV". Please visit here .

Enhanced roadmap chart with configurable visual cues based on metadata

Roadmap chart, one of widely used charts by business users and enterprise architecture teams, helps to visualize strategic overview and goals mapped to timeline, which are essential for planning and achieving capabilities. It focuses on high-level plans and communicates the strategic thinking and objectives behind those high-level plans.

Because roadmap charts keep their focus on a high-level, they give a cross-functional team a lot of freedom in translating the strategy into tasks, timelines, priorities, and resource allocation.

In the previous versions, we had to often pick each row in the chart to understand its status. In order to overcome this usability experience, we have introduced Legends for Roadmap Charts’ You may notice many changes such as opening up of properties window instead of an overview page when an item is clicked on and many more additions in the roadmap chart in the latest version of Prolaborate.

To get more information about customizing the roadmap chart. Please click on this link .

Backup and Restore Prolaborate Data

This is one of the widely requested feature when a team needs to take a backup of Prolaborate data, they were couple of challenges

  • The person who needs to take backup must have access to DB.
  • The person must know how to handle technicalities of data server.

To simplify the process in the latest version of Prolaborate, we have re-introduced Backup and Restore Prolaborate data feature which makes the whole process smooth. It is an existing feature in Prolaborate V3 where users have support to take a Prolaborate database backup easily with the help of Prolaborate service management.

With simple steps users can take back up from an existing database & restore the file to another database.

To gather more information regarding "How to take a backup of Prolaborate Database." Please click here .

Database Backup:

Using the screenshot provided above, the users will use the Database backup screen.

Database restore:

Using the screenshot provided above, the users will use the Database restore screen.

Migrate Prolaborate Data from MSSQL DB to MySQL DB and vice versa

Most organisations have their own infrastructure requirements that are subject to change. We have frequently received requests from our customers to migrate from MSSQL to MySQL and vice versa. In such cases it is a tedious process to migrate data from one DB type to another manually. At times we also face challenges with data corruption and other technical challenges.

To address this issue, we have introduced a capability that supports migration of data from a DB server (MSSQL or MySQL) to another DB server (MSSQL or MySQL) with simple steps.

By using the Prolaborate service management, admin users can migrate their Prolaborate data from a DB server to another DB server in a quick and sleek method.

There are two different use cases to migrate the Prolaborate databases,

  • Migrate Data to an existing connection
  • Migrate Data to a new connection
  • The feature is limited only to MSSQL and MySQL DB types.

User can migrate from current DB to an existing or to a new Prolaborate database by entering the details in the required fields. Based on the information, Prolaborate Service fetches the details from the DB server and initiates migration process.

After successful completion of migration user will receive a success message.

To discover more information on "How to Migrate the Prolaborate Database from One Server to Another Server." Please follow this link .