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Migrate Prolaborate and Pro Cloud Server


This article explains the steps involved in migrating the entire Prolaborate and Pro Cloud Server data from one server to another.


Ensure that each server has the same version of Prolaborate and Pro Cloud Server installed. 

For example, if the old server has Prolaborate version and PCS version 5.1.128 64-bit, the new server must also have the same version of Prolaborate and PCS installed. 

Step 1: Install and Configure Pro Cloud Server in the new server 

  1. Setup a machine as perthe Prerequisites 
  2. Install Pro Cloud Server (PCS). The version of PCS should be the same as in the current server 
  3. Create a license request for PCS and send it to the Sparx HQ sales team 
  4. Add that license to the Pro Cloud server manager once you receive a Pro Cloud server license. 
  5. Configure enterprise architect model in Pro cloud server. Click here to learn how to configure EA models in the Pro cloud server
  6. Copy the ‘Models’ folder from the old server (C:\Program Files\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\Service\Models) and paste it in the PCS installation path in the new server if you are using any Firebird or SQL repositories 
  7. Was HTTPS enabled in PCS? If yes, please follow the steps. If not, skip this step. 
  8. If you use the same SSL certificate for existing and new application servers, copy the server.pem file from an existing server and paste it to the Service folder on the new server. The folder is typically located at C:\Program Files\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\Service. 

If you use a new SSL certificate, kindly visit this link to follow the instructions for enabling HTTPS in PCS. 

  1. Was HTTPS enabled in Prolaborate? If yes, please follow the steps. If not, skip this step.  

Kindly import the SSL certificate (.pfx) file into the Server certificate in Prolaborate Management. Visit this link to follow the instructions to enable HTTPS in Prolaborate. 

Step 2: Backup the Prolaborate Database from the old server 

  1. Back up the current Prolaborate database using Prolaborate Management. Access Prolaborate management from this path  
    C:\Program Files\Prolaborate\Prolaborate Management\ Prolaborate Management.exe 

Click here to know more. 

Step 3: Install Prolaborate in the new server 

  1. Create a new database for Prolaborate on the new server. 
  2. Install Prolaborate on the new server (Version should be the same as in the current server) 

Step 4: Migrate Prolaborate Data from the Current server to the new server 

  1. Migrate the current database to the new Prolaborate database using the same app on the existing server (Same version as in the current server). Learn more here 
  2. Copy the ‘wwwroot’ folder from the existing server and paste in the new server. The folder is typically located at C:\Program Files\Prolaborate\ProlaborateApp\wwwroot 

Step 5: Upload license to activate Prolaborate on the new server 

  1. Log in to Prolaborate on the new server. Share the Machine ID visible on the screen to sales[at] You will receive a new activation key to Activate Prolaborate
  2. After activation, visit Prolaborate and check if you can access without issues. 


  1. Do not remove or delete the existing Prolaborate configurations/folders or database, till the Migration process is successfully completed. 
  2. Ensure to use the same domain and SSL certificate for Prolaborate site. If you are using a different domain, open Prolaborate Management and update the domain and SSL certificates. Click here to know more. 
  3. Ensure the connectivity is fine in Prolaborate for other features. Ex: Active directory, Jira/AzureDevOps integration, and Mailer configuration. 

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