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Prolaborate Customer Case Study – Ericsson

Ericsson is using Prolaborate to share Sparx EA models with 800+ stakeholders. They share curated EA model views to a wide variety of internal teams (Sales, Support, and Development) and their customers. They also use the collaboration capabilities to discuss the model changes and review deliverables.

This blog post is the transcript of the webinar presented by the Enterprise Architecture Lead at Ericsson on Sparx Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate. Check out the webinar here.


With Enterprise Architect, we are trying to do deeper modeling like technical modeling, higher level modeling like business modeling, and also the customer engagement modeling.

Stakeholder Targeted Prolaborate Instances

In Prolaborate, there are 40 or more instances of EA Repositories that we have created.

We target them to specific stakeholders and that’s the best part of Prolaborate. Because, we don’t want to expose everything that is there in the enterprise architecture model to every customer.

For example, if the customer wants 5G, we then create a specific 5G related Prolaborate instance and give it to the sales team.

And also depending upon the stakeholders, we try to customize and provide different views to them.

Model Comments and Tracking Models

We use a lot of model commenting and tracking of the model.

There is a feature to comment on any of the artifacts and we use it pass comments and there is a lot of informal discussions that happen.

Formal Reviews and Status Tracking of Project

We heavily use the formal reviews for tracking the status of the project.

We create a review when a model is completed and then get feedback from stakeholders.

Integrations with Confluence for live Model Sharing

Recently we started trying the Confluence integration.

There was a request to share the live model in the repository in Confluence and so, we are also trying to explore and provide features to get this live model into the confluence

Impact Analysis for Drill Down Capability

And the last feature that is heavily used is the impact analysis.

As I said before, we want these drill down capabilities. It is not easy to provide different kind of views to different stakeholders. So, we have asked them to use the impact analysis feature. They can take any specific artifact (for example, a particular business process) and then they can drill down deeper and try to see all other connected artifacts and they can build their own set of views.

This is quite good because we can expose the model contents in a controlled manner to the different stakeholders.

Feedback from Various Teams

We regularly try to get feedback from the different stakeholders that we have and the main thing we get as a feedback is that Sparx suite of products provide a highly efficient way of architectural governance.

Feedback from Sales team on Prolaborate is it provides high scale UX oriented models that greatly help in customer engagement.


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