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    Please follow these steps to upgrade from V3.0.x to V3.1.x:

    1. It is recommended to take a backup of Prolaborate folder and database
    2. Visit this link and download Prolaborate and Pro Cloud Server (PCS) Installers using the credentials in your Pro Cloud Server document.
    3. Install PCS and restart Sparx Systems Professional Cloud service.
    4. Stop all Prolaborate services and processes (All services and processes starting with Prolaborate and “websocketd” process) from Task Manager
    5. From the downloaded Prolaborate folder, run Setup.exe as administrator and complete the installation. Note there would be brief wait time after you click on Next.
    6. Check Prolaborate Versions in the Health Checks page. If there is a mismatch between current and latest versions, run latest database schema on the Prolaborate database shared by the team. Choose SQL / MySQL schema based on the database server you are using for Prolaborate.
    7. [Mandatory] In the Password Security SQL file shared by Prolaborate team, update “emailid” with the email id of a Prolaborate admin and run it in your Prolaborate database. Password of that user will be set to Welcome@123. Choose SQL / MySQL query file based on the database server you are using for Prolaborate.
    8. Open ProlaborateServiceManagement.exe (Typically located at C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Prolaborate\ProlaborateServiceManagement). Click on Reset Password.
    9. Enter the New Password you want to set for all Prolaborate users; enter the email id used in the query above and the new password set using the query, and then click on Save. New Password will be set for all Prolaborate users. This will not impact Active Directory users.
    10. Restart Prolaborate and Prolaborate Mailer services.

    Note: Password algorithm and rules have been changed to improve security and so, steps 7, 8, and 9 need to be mandatorily carried out.

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