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    Please follow these steps to upgrade from V2.7.x to V3.0:

    1. It is recommended to take a backup of Prolaborate folder and database
    2. Vist this link and download the Prolaborate and Pro Cloud Server (PCS) Installers.
    3. Install PCS and restart Sparx Systems Professional Cloud service.
    4. Stop all Prolaborate services and processes (All services and processes starting with Prolaborate and “websocketd” process) from Task Manager
    5. From the downloaded Prolaborate folder, run Setup.exe as administrator and complete the installation
    6. Copy Newtonsoft.Json.dll file from \Prolaborate\WebApplication\bin to \Prolaborate\Engine
    7. Visit [Prolaborate site address]/Security/HealthChecks.aspx and click on the Configure under Encryption
    8. Add the new license provided by Prolaborate team
    9. Check Prolaborate Versions in the HealthChecks page. If there is a mismatch between current and latest versions, run the latest database schema on the Prolaborate database shared by team. Choose SQL / MySQL schema based on the database server you are using for Prolaborate.
    10. Goto “Services” and set the “Startup Type” of Prolaborate service and Prolaborate Mailer Service to “Automatic”. Start these services if not started already
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