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    Please follow these steps if you are upgrading from V2.6.x to V2.7:

    1. (Optional) Take backup of Prolaborate folder and database
    2. Vist this link and download the Prolaborate and Sparx Pro Cloud Server (PCS) Installers with the credentials provided by Prolaborate team.
    3. Install the latest version of PCS.
    4. Stop all Prolaborate services and processes from Task Manager. (All services and processes starting with Prolaborate and “websocketd” process).
    5. Run Setup.exe as administrator from the downloaded Prolaborate folder
    6. Check for the Errors in Installation log. Run SQL Update query if there are errors related to SQL queries
    7. Goto “Services” and set the “Startup Type” of three Prolaborate services to “Automatic”
    8. Start / restart Prolaborate services if needed
    9. Open Prolaborate and do a hard refresh
    10. Go to “Theme Settings” and save it once
    11. (Optional) If you have EA installed in the server where Prolaborate is installed, go to Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Cloud Services\Service\Worker and change name of the application from “EA.exe” to “Worker.exe”. Also change the “WorkerPath” in Prolaborate config file accordingly
    12. (Optional) If you have linked Prolaborate with Jira, go to Menu > Integrations and check whether the configuration is fine

    Note if you are upgrading from V2.5 to V2.7: As the complete workflow of Reviews has been changed in V2.6, your old reviews will be removed.

    Please follow these additional steps if you are upgrading from V2.4 to V2.7:

    1. Update BaseURL value in Prolaborate.conf file (Prolaborate > Config folder) to either IP address or DNS of the machine in which Prolaborate is installed. It should not be localhost. (Add port if applicable)
    2. If your EA Repositories are in Postgres database, run the following query in all the repositories:
      create extension hstore
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