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    Follow the below steps to open a port:

    1. Make sure the firewall is enabled by confirming that “Firewall state” is set to ‘On’ and not to ‘Off’.
    2. Open the Server Manager from the taskbar.
    3. On the right-hand side of the top navigation bar, click on ‘Tools’ and select Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
    4. Select either of the Inbound Rules under Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on the left side of the management console.
    5. From the right side of the Inbound Rules tab click on ‘New Rule’. The new rule wizard launches.
    6. Select ‘PORT’ and click ‘Next’.
    7. Select ‘TCP’ and click ‘Next’.
    8. Select ‘Specific local ports’ and enter the Port number which needs to be opened and click on ‘Next’.
    9. Select ‘Allow the connection’ and click ‘Next’.
    10. Make sure all Domains, Private and Public are checked and click ‘Next’.
    11. Specify the Name and Description for the port and click ‘Finish’.
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