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The new QEA/QEAX "mini-repository" is built on the proven, secure and open source SQLite database. These serverless repositories are compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Enterprise Architect 16. QEA/QEAX files are the simplest and easiest entry point for your personal/ workgroup modeling design journey. With support for basic replication and simple shared model access, for many modelers a QEA mini-repository will be the starting point of choice.

Why attend?

Migrate from EAP/EAPX to the new QEA/QEAX file format supporting 64 bit Enterprise Architect.

Easily connect to a model repository without having to configure ODBC drivers.

Implement basic replication for offline development.

who's presenting?

Introducing Sparx Systems Prolaborate 4

When is it?

Place Time Day Month
Melbourne 19:00 pm Wed 30 Mar
New York 04:00 am Wed 30 Mar
Los Angeles 01:00 am Wed 30 Mar
Singapore 16:00 pm Wed 30 Mar
London 09:00 am Wed 30 Mar
Paris 10:00 am Wed 30 Mar
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