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  28, 29 January 2019

Nizam Mohamed
Prolaborate Evangelist

Scott Hebbard
Communications Manager

 A high level tour of Sparx Systems’ latest product release, Prolaborate. 

Prolaborate adds a vital information layer to Sparx Systems’ modeling tool suite, addressing the need of end users and non-modelers alike to be informed by the enterprise model. It empowers relevant stakeholders, including C-level executives, analysts and other business users, with curated views of the model.

We’ll show how:

  •  Prolaborate socializes your architecture to engage and inform your organization
  •  Highly focused model views can drive digital transformation, impact and decision analysis
  •  Prolaborate lets you take an enterprise model to C-level executives with confidence
To suit users in different time zones, we will hold 2 sessions – each 30 minutes in duration.

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Place Time Day Month
Los Angeles 1 PM Wed Nov 28
New York 4 PM Wed Nov 28
London 9 PM Wed Nov 28
Paris 10 PM Wed Nov 28
Melbourne 8 AM Thu Nov 29
Place Time Day Month
New York 6 AM Thu Nov 29
London 11 AM Thu Nov 29
Paris 12 AM Thu Nov 29
Chennai 4:30 PM Thu Nov 29
Melbourne 10 PM Thu Nov 29

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