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Enterprise Architect SaaS offers a cloud based deployment of Enterprise Architect modeling environments, allowing teams to quickly start and scale their modeling efforts without any internal operational overheads. Learn how current and new customers can benefit from the fully hosted and managed cloud offering.

This webinar will discuss various deployment options and best practices in Sparx Cloud platform deployments. Build highly secure, fast and reliable cloud solutions on AWS or Azure.

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Examine SSO-based user management for enabling 2FA and info-sec policies

Migrate existing deployments to a cloud environment

Scale modeling efforts without any internal operational overheads

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When is it?

To suit users in different time zones, we will hold 2 sessions
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Place Time Day Month
Melbourne 08:00 AM Tue Feb 21
Chennai 02:30 AM Tue Feb 21
London 21:00 PM Mon Mon 20
New York 16:00 PM Mon Feb 20
Los Angeles 13:00 PM Mon Feb 20