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Dutch EA event
Website Dutch Enterprise Architect Event 2018
Date 27 & 28 September 2018
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dutch Enterprise Architect Event

Are you an Enterprise Architect, Software Designer, Business Analyst or Business Process Analyst? Do you use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect? Are you interested in two days full of information exchange on the usage of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

For example, on subjects like:

  • Modelling languages like SysML and ArchiMate
  • Use Cases and best practices of Architectures and modelling in EA,
  • Extensions like MDGs in and for EA.
  • Various modelling techniques like real-time and data modelling,

Then you should not miss this EA Usergroup event at Utrecht on 27 and 28 September 2018.

At this event EAUG we will offer a day with training and in-depth sessions (a session lasts more than three hours). This will be at 27 September 2018.

The second day is 28 September 2018 which is a regular event with sessions of 45 minutes. We will offer three tracks:

  • Modelling experiences in EA
  • How-to (changing the functionality of EA or use extensions)
  • EA@ (use cases of EA in various organisations)

Prolaborate – List of Sessions

Model Harvesting – A systematic way to build and institutionalize Architecture practices

What does it take to start using EA? Just use the toolbox and start creating diagrams? If yes, why not stick to Visio? Modelling in EA is all about standardizing on specific modelling convention (aka metamodel) and adhering it. One may argue there are standards (UML, ArchiMate, etc.) to do that, however most standards are far too generalized that only 20% of it is consumable, and any architecture practice should span across multiple frameworks.

This session will discuss the following

  • Defining a metamodel for a basic architecture practice, that uses standard notations from ArchiMate, BPMN, Requirements and Usecases
  • Customizing EA with standardized toolboxes and quicklinkers to align with Metamodel
  • Importing information from various external sources Excel, Word into EA based on the aligned Metamodel
  • Creating Kanban diagrams, Heatmaps, diagram legends based visualizations etc from the harvested model
  • Custom SQL Searches to exactly find the right model information
  • Generating Reports and publishing model to wider stakeholders. Takeaways
  • A user manual on the discussed approach
  • Sample Data Collection Templates (Excel)
  • MDG definition model
  • Custom Searches
  • Reporting Templates

Extending the value of models by reaching beyond the Modelling fraternity

Modellers spend a big deal of time and efforts to create models that are of immense value. But most models fail to be that indispensable part of the enterprise information ecosystem due to lack of visibility. Positioning EA models as the pivotal source of knowledge for due-diligence and business decisions would multiply the value of EA models several folds and also ends up in the model being more relevant and accurate. This talk will discuss the tools and techniques to make models more consumable and foster wider engagement and feedback.Dashboards, Impact Analysis, Charting and Review workflows on EA Models using Prolaborate

Prolaborate is the web front end for Enterprise Architect to facilitate sharing and publishing EA models to wider business community. Prolaborate intuitive, user friendly portals allow modellers to produce curated views of selected sections of the model to the intended audience. Prolaborate lets users foster engagement and collaboration from the wider team, and drive decisions and due diligence based on EA models.

This session will explores on creating customizable Dashboards over EA Contents, performing what-if (impact) analysis using dynamic graphs, building intuitive graphs based on EA data that allows slicing and dicing and how to initiate customizable gated reviews with email notifications and reminders to seek buy-in from the key stakeholders.


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