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Application portfolio management requires careful analysis of model information.

Comprehensive modelling capabilities in Enterprise Architect complemented with dynamic, intuitive reports and charts supplied by Prolaborate can help customers access a real time view of the application landscape, technology obsolescence, vendor information, application life-cycle and much more.

This allows teams to make the right decisions driven by accurate, real-time model information.

Why attend?

Use Sparx Systems Architecture Platform for application portfolio management

Model application inventory with essential information such as application health, lifecycle, security and classification information

Slice and dice models to create roadmaps, bubble charts, heatmaps, and dynamic reports on various application portfolio metrics.

who's presenting?

Application Portfolio Management

When is it?

Place Time Day Month
Los Angeles 3 PM Wed May 5
New York 6 PM Wed May 5
London 11 PM Wed May 5
Paris 5 PM Wed May 5
Melbourne 6 PM Wed May 5
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