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Application Portfolio Management - Open Source Metamodel
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Author: Prolaborate Sixth Force Solutions Pty Ltd
Released: July 2023
License: Clear BSD (Open Source Metamodel)

Collaboration for Excellence

One of the core principles behind this initiative is collaboration. Open-source projects enable us to learn from one another and share our knowledge, experiences, and values.

At Prolaborate, we firmly advocate for the power of collaboration and open-source initiatives to advance the progress of the enterprise architecture domain. We are committed to fostering a culture of learning and open communication, both within our organization and with externals such as partners, stakeholders, and customers. Our goal is to deliver values to the broader community. We invite architects worldwide to join and shape the future of enterprise architecture through this open-source project.

About APM Metamodel

APM Metamodel Details Description
Author: Prolaborate [Sixth Force Solutions Pty Ltd]
Released: July 2023
License: Clear BSD (Open Source Metamodel)
This metamodel is an integral part of the Application Portfolio Management Accelerator pack. The pack complements Prolaborate’s capabilities by providing valuable features such as model patterns, essential architectural artifacts, reports, charts, and more. It equips users with the tools to make informed decisions and optimize their application portfolio effectively. It originated in the early 2020s through the collaborative efforts of a group of Enterprise Architects.

At Prolaborate, we are actively working to introduce similar solutions for Business Capability Management Framework, Technology Portfolio Management, and more as part of our long-term goals to fulfill various use cases. All these frameworks will be open-sourced and contribute to one comprehensive framework, The Essential Architecture (TEA).

Let's Collaborate and design together

The APM Metamodel is an open invitation to architects, whether you're just starting your journey or are seasoned professionals. We believe that collectively, we can shape the enterprise architecture world for the better. So, join us in building the next-generation APM Metamodel and participate in this transformative journey.

Application portfolio Management

Application portfolio Management Metamodel is part of the essential architectural artifacts required for managing an application landscape in an enterprise

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Business Capability Assessment

Business Capability Metamodel is part of the Essential Architecture Framework The BCM metamodel Contain patterns , architectural artifacts ,goverance required to manage strategic investments or divestitures within the business units using an enterprise level landscape

Coming Soon

If you're ready to dive in or want more details about the APM Metamodel, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we'll shape the future of enterprise architecture.

Visit our website and connect with us to start your journey with the APM Metamodel.

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