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Prolaborate, Poland

Jacek takes care of operations of Prolaborate in Poland. He is a graduate of Gdansk University of Technology. IT adventure began in the early 1990s, when IT and computer prospered in small businesses and private users. The experience gained in many IT-related activities from hardware to programming has resulted in starting as a programmer in 4GL languages, structural languages, and object-oriented programming. The experience gained as a programmer was later used as an analyst and consultant to build relationships with clients and support their business by providing comprehensive IT solutions for the telecommunications and insurance industries. Over the years, he has been working as a Business Architect and supporting the development and implementation of business development strategies as well as supporting IT solutions in the insurance sector. Passion for modelling has resulted in the author's methodology of conducting analyses implemented and successfully used in a large IT company. He is currently working on innovative solutions for modelling complex issues for strategy building and decision visualization in all enterprise architecture domains.

Partner's Details

Speciality Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Modelling, System Analyst, Coach and Leader of Analysts team
Location Poland
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